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Parents as Teachers a Positive Resource

Tammy Dexter- PEN Parent Educator- Riverton

As Parent as Teachers Parent Educator, I fret whether I am providing a positive influence on my families and whether I am making a difference in their lives.

Then, I recently reflected upon the positive influence that my families provide to me as an Educator. My families and their children provide a shining light during my work day.
It is so rewarding for me to go into their homes and be greeted by the children with hugs many questions and rummaging through my bag of goodies. The enthusiasm that they demonstrate for my being there and the new activities that they will be exploring is a positive reinforcement for me. 

My families provide me with the opportunity of coming into their homes and experience the growth of their children with them.  Parents are excited to show me what new things that their children have learned and can do, from previous visits.  They have opened up their hearts and home to me.

So, I don’t know if Parents as Teachers is making a positive influence and difference in their lives, but I do know that the families and children have in mine.

Relieving Holiday Stress– with family time… no really

This is the time of year that family stress is high for me. My kids constantly asking for every toy in the store or that they see on TV. The stores are continuously busy, still running kids to their events and the biggest stressor of all MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

With Christmas coming, it’s so overwhelming, how do I keep my sanity, my patience and my kids happy. I have found out that simply playing a few short games (Memory or Monopoly Jr) with my children is a great stress reliever for me and in addition my children are happy and content. I put off doing the dishes, the laundry and the things that will still be waiting for me when we are done. Most importantly I shut off the TV and the phones and take a half hour to an hour to sit and play a game with my family.

What are some activities that your family does to relieve holiday stress?


December 1, and the countdown begins!  I can’t get everything done I am stressing, and Christmas is supposed to be fun.  What can I do?  Don’t feel alone, according to  80% of their readers feel the same way.  What can we do to relieve some stress, to bring the Happy back to Happy Holidays?

Here are some tips to maybe help:

Don’t try to make everything “perfect”.  As parents, moms especially, we want our children to experience the perfect holiday.  Let’s be honest, does your child really care that all of the packages are wrapped in matching paper and bows.  Do all of the candy canes have to face the same way?  Decide a couple of things that are really important to you and stick to perfecting those items.

Use shortcuts.  Simplify experiences that you want to include in your celebrations .  Want to still send Christmas cards?  Try sending e-cards that can be sent out all together.  Want to host a holiday party?  Consider hiring help (catering, cleaning, etc) or make it a potluck.

Make a plan.  Does spending too much cause your stress?  Make a budget and stick to it.  Do you and your spouse disagree about where to spend the holidays?  Make a plan well ahead of time, so everyone knows what to expect.

Just say NO!  This is a hard one!  Who wants to miss out on anything this time of year??  But, we really don’t need to attend  everything we are invited to, every activity in the community.  Once again, make a plan and choose what is really special to you.

Hopefully these ideas will give you a few strategies to make yours a Holly Jolly Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ Celebration!

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