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Screenings, Oh Happy Screenings…

Blanca Moye- Parents as Teachers Parent Educator- Jackson Area

As a new year comes, we have a new to do list and on that list should be SCREENINGS for your children. Whether it be general development screenings, vision, Audio, or Dental. It seems that every year an often forgotten screening is neglected. For example in 2008 there were a huge amount of Dental issues for young children in Wyoming. In 2009 it seemed that Vision screenings were huge, and 2010 brought the focus to Audio Screenings- so please add all of these to your 2011 goals and ensure that your children are checked for all areas.

On a personal note, I was talking with my cousin and she stated that now she doesn’t listen to music loudly whether at home or in the car. Her reasoning went beyond her children’s audio development to include being alert to her surroundings. Being able to listen for a police or ambulance siren, or if the child in the rear seat was having issues. This really made me think about her reasoning, I wonder if others agree or have other tips to remain alert in the car?

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