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Holiday Celebrations in School

Betty Carmon- Parent to Parent Coordinator- Powell Region

Most of my childhood was spent in Europe as my father was in the military, one of the greatest memories I will always cherish were the holidays in school, it was the only place that always depicted my home land the USA, so for me those celebrations always kept me grounded to American traditions and the pride in my country. What were the celebrations like while you were growing up? Did your parents engage in school run activities assisting with field trips, bringing various cultural materials to your class? What about your own children- do you join in on the events or topics covered leading up to the holidays? Would you prefer that the school didn’t have holiday themed activities or do you think we have gone too far in not allowing some things? For example, how many schools still do a Thanksgiving play/ celebration? If your school was contemplating doing one would you have any objections? Betty

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