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What 2010 and PHP Have Taught Me

I am one of the few people who began working for PHP before I became a parent.  This year, that changed, and a beautiful little boy joined our family in April.

Unfortunately, this little guy has suffered from all kinds of health problems.  Some just made me worry, some made getting through the day a real challenge.  One of the hardest things he’s struggled with has been a feeding aversion. After so many problems with difficult and painful feeding, the poor guy just wouldn’t eat any more.

In an almost odd twist of fortune, I had learned about sensory problems like this through PHP—I had heard very little of them as a school psychologist. I knew what questions to ask my doctor and I knew how to get help through the developmental preschool—knowledge I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. With no family here, PHP became my strongest support network.

I’ve always prided myself in being logical, cool, level-headed…I never used to cry.  But this year, I’ve learned to let the tears come.  I’ve learned to let others see them.  I’ve learned to lean on others in a way I’ve never allowed myself to do.  In short, I’ve learned that we all need a little help.

That’s what 2010 has taught me.  So all you parents out there, use the supports you’ve got, and don’t be afraid of needing a little help.  Because the people helping you are likely needing help of their own!

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