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Relieving Holiday Stress– with family time… no really

This is the time of year that family stress is high for me. My kids constantly asking for every toy in the store or that they see on TV. The stores are continuously busy, still running kids to their events and the biggest stressor of all MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

With Christmas coming, it’s so overwhelming, how do I keep my sanity, my patience and my kids happy. I have found out that simply playing a few short games (Memory or Monopoly Jr) with my children is a great stress reliever for me and in addition my children are happy and content. I put off doing the dishes, the laundry and the things that will still be waiting for me when we are done. Most importantly I shut off the TV and the phones and take a half hour to an hour to sit and play a game with my family.

What are some activities that your family does to relieve holiday stress?

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