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Staying Active: The Last Cosmic Joke

Dara Johnston- Resident Lazy Bones

When asked to write a post about staying active, the first thought was who are we kidding?!?! Staying active, sure that’s definitely important, and what all of the health magazines state we should do as well as our health professionals/ parent educators/ teachers etc…

However, what I wish I could say to the next person to tell me to get off the couch is a resounding (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) Is this some horrible cosmic joke? Am I now supposed to fit in being active with the care of my loved ones, working all the time, studying for classes, studying for professional certifications, trying to get ahead at work, and my failure of a social life?

Once again – are you serious!

So instead this post will illuminate why taking time for oneself is a better alternative to ‘staying active’. Sure all you gym rats and super healthy types can still workout until you ach; eating your organic vegetables and staying away from refined sugar.

However, my lazy self is going to attack this list of things as if it were my weekly bucket list:

  • Taking time to read a book for leisure
  • Taking a walk in the early evening
  • Meditating (if that’s your thing)
  • Actually have a conversation with my loved ones that doesn’t end and begin with ‘Yeah, work/ school was fine’
  • Setting the alarm early so that I can press the snooze button as many times as I want
  • Going on a hike, instead of cleaning out the garage
  • Turning off my phone, Ipad, Computer for the whole weekend
  • Sleeping past 5 AM on the weekends
  • Learning to cook a new dish each weekend that straddles the line of healthy and still edible

You get the picture, I am not advocating for staying on the couch indefinitely but rather slowing down long enough to enjoy the simple pleasures. Therefore, I challenge all of you to come up with a short weekly bucket list that helps to put the focus back on your priorities- what type of things will be on your list?

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