Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming State Parenting Center

Ethelyn Sharpe- PEN Parent Educator out of Cheyenne

Are you ready for all of the ghosts and goblins that might visit your house?  Here are some ideas that you might find helpful:

A Halloween scavenger hunt:  parents create a list of Halloween items you might see while out on Halloween night (or on a walk anytime in October).  The list might include a pumpkin, witch, skeleton, scarecrow, etc.  For little ones not quite reading, pictures can be drawn beside each item on the list.  Then as the items are seen, they can be checked off.

Do you live out in the country where houses are too far apart for Trick or Treating?  Having a Halloween party, complete with a Halloween hide-and-seek, treat or trick game is always fun.  At the end of the party, have parents hide in the yard and the children can then go and “seek” their parents.  Each time a parent is found, the kids yell “trick or treat” and collect their goodies. 

Did your children get waayyyy more candy than they need?  Consider having the “Sugar Witch” or some such character (think Tooth Fairy) come and get the extras , after the kids have picked a sandwich bag of their favorites.  The witch can leave a thank you note, or small token gift and the candy can be donated to a local food bank, or shelter. 

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe, fun, spooky Halloween!

Comments on: "Halloween is Just Around the Corner" (1)

  1. Tammy Wilson said:

    Great Ideas I love the one of the good witch comming to get some of the candy and making a donation it to a charity!

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