Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming State Parenting Center

Tammy Wilson- PIC Outreach Parent Liaison, Green River

As a preschool teacher nothing makes me happier then starting another school year. I love routines for myself and the children. They are so important for small children; they do so much better socially and emotionally when kept to a routine. Getting up and going to bed at the same time just makes life for everyone run smoother.

For children that have disabilities such as those with Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD a routine is absolutely essential. It is so important to them to know what is coming next. Swaying from routine is rarely pleasant for small children or those with disabilities.

Sometimes even a visual time line can be helpful for children that crave structure. It can begin with a picture of a child or a picture of the child themselves eating breakfast. The next picture can be the car or the bus to represent going to school. The teacher can then have the time line up somewhere in the room with the picture representing the order in which everything that will take place during the day. The time line should always end with bed time.

There is also the issue of over scheduling children throughout the day and not having enough creative playtime to engage their imagination. I feel routine is important but that does not mean over scheduling children.

Comments on: "Sticking to a Schedule" (2)

  1. Downeychick said:

    Great post! I like the timeline idea, too. One of my families and I recently made a modified chore chart for one of the children for toilet training. We put each of the steps in a different square and she helped draw the pictures. She then had a visual to follow, all her own!

  2. Juanita Bybee said:

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Predictability is key. Children feel more comfortable if they know what is coming. The pictures for children with special needs is also a great idea. We used them at a psychriatric hospital with some of the children and they were more sucessful with their routines. That makes everyone happy.

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