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Ethelyn Sharpe- PEN Parent Educator out of Cheyenne

I personally thought summer would NEVER come (I am not a cold weather person), but it did arrive and it has been glorious! 

Our community offers so many activities in the summer, many of them free, that sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do!  We have concerts at the Depot, Movies in the Park, presentations at the Library and Botanic Gardens.  Our Farmer’s Market started last Saturday and of course, the “Daddy of Them All”, Cheyenne Frontier Days. 

So many great opportunities for families to get out, get some fresh air and maybe learn something new.  What does your community offer, and have you take advantage of those opportunities?  If not, there’s a couple of weeks left before school starts, get out and find something fun to do!

Comments on: "Ahhh,Summer!" (3)

  1. There is always a lot to do in Casper as well…the summer reading program with the Library was fun for the kids, all the summer camps, and the summer PTA movies, the farmers markets, the car shows, the swimming, the days at the park, the garage saling, as well as the water fights and the dress up days kept us busy. Now its time to think about physicals and check-ups and school supplies, and lunch money. Where did the summer go?? Well bring on the school year and all the adventures that come with it.

    Remeber to get your kids in for their vision, dental, and general checkups 🙂

  2. Parent2 said:

    This summer has been great for activities for families. We started doing more biking this summer, and we have really enjoyed it.

  3. Tammy Wilson said:

    Fun post! I feel the western states are so good about making sure we have nice play grounds, water parks, low cost summer movies, farmers markets etc. I think because we have such short summers it is nice when communities make the best of it.

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