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I was waiting in a gate for a long flight from Jackson to Washington DC. And I was checking around counting some families with children (2,3 and 4 years old) looking at them running around, screaming, etc. When finally we boarded they were the first, with a lot of bags, chairs and strollers. In that moment I was thinking if maybe we can create a nice, smart and easy list of items to travel with them in cars or airplanes.

Like what you ask?

 • Books (with nice pictures, puzzles, music to keep them distracted)

• Music (children love music but sometimes is the last thing as parents we think to bring on the trip for them)

• At most 3 of their favorite toys (variety makes them happy)

• Good food and snacks (I saw a father giving soda to his daughter because they don’t have the juice she likes)

• Dress them comfortable (some were overdressed and some others needed a sweater for the direct a/c on the plane)

The flight was long and we finished with a poor baby crying maybe for more than an hour, this situation made me think on this topic. I know there are a lot more things to add to my list but if you can help with your comments I am sure we can do this together!

Comments on: "How to Travel with Little Kids" (2)

  1. Tammy Wilson said:

    All of the travel ideas were very good. I have a couple more, if you have a lap top computer bringing a movie they will like and can watch may help. Some of the movies shown on the plane are not interesting to all children and knowing what your child may like to watch can be benificial. A sticker book where they have to find the sticker that matches the picture is another good idea. This kept my three year and five year old grandchildren busy from Salt Lake City Utah to Disneyland. They can be purchased at Walmart and Target. As for air travel with babies I never have really found anything that works reall well I guess pray a lot!

  2. Downeychick said:

    Traveling with children can be challenging! Good tips! To add to the excitement of the toys, parents can wrap them, even if they are not new toys, children love to open presents and the wrapping doesn’t add much bulk to them. Another great idea is to not bring the toys out until the child asks for them, or becomes restless. Many times they will be entertained for quite a while checking out everything on the plane. One of my families suggested taking along a roll of blue painter’s tape, It is not as sticky as masking tape and kids have such fun sticking it all over and around them. It can also be used to make roads for cars or tic-tac-toe games on the tray table. I am definitely remembering this tip 🙂

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