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The best teacher I every had-

That’s an easy one- the best teacher I ever had was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Ellis. Somehow she knew that I needed a little extra nurturing that year. She invited me to spend a lot of time with her after school, we would clean off the desks, organize the bookshelves, talk about life and friends, movies and books. I had a sick sister, came from a single parent home and really needed the extra attention that Mrs. Ellis gave me.

 I’m sure she was a great teacher in many other ways too.  Because of the huge Wyoming quilt our class made, I canstill remember all the Wyoming counties and their county seats  However, the subjects she taught and how she taught them are not what stayed with me. What stands out the most, is how she made me feel; safe, special and most of all, worthy of her time. I’m sure this experience is what led me want to be a teacher myself. Mrs. Ellis’s influence was one of the greatest gifts. I learned that every child may need a little extra scoop of attention from time to time and that sometimes the smallest kind gesture can make a world of difference.


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  1. Terri said:

    I had a couple. ONe was my sixth grade teacher in Cheyenne -Mrs Schumacher. She was very artsy and an operativc singer who wrote a musical that we performed that year- and I was student Director…AND Calamity Jane! Mrs S made me feel like I was brilliant- and gave me so many leadership opportunities. She put 4 of us students in charge of one of the bulletin boards- which we had to change each month. We could do what we wanted- and pick any student to help us. It sparked my creative talents- and I loved her class.

    The others were Mr “Big” Davis- (as opposed to Mr “Little” Davis who was about 8 inches shorter) in Biology at Laramie Jr Hi, AND Mr Tyndall at Laramie Hi School Biology 2. They were similar in that they challenged me and made learning fun. Didn’t let me slack off- but were supportive at every level. They gave me a love of Science and Biology I have to this day. Weren’t we lucky to have teachers like that? I know my kids had some they flet this same way about too.

  2. Tammy Wilson said:

    My favorite all time teacher was my high school speech and drama teacher Mrs. Vancott. She was one of those teachers that would come to school early and stay late to help any student in any subject. I wish all students could have one of those special teachers every year.

  3. Downeychick said:

    I think that’s a mark of a great teacher, one a student remembers years later, not for WHAT they taught, but HOW they made a student feel.

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