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When I think about goals for my own family or the families who I work with a bunch of ideas come to mind. So before I start talking about my ideas for goals, I would love to hear ideas from you too. To support our families mostly when summer is coming and when everyone is busy.

One of the more important goals I will be doing is more reading to my children every day; for 5 to 20 minutes at a time. For example, choosing one new word to focus on- such as “Horse”- we can then read books about farms, animals, etc…We can create family stories regarding horses, who had a horse?, what kind of horse the family likes? We can do art projects revolving around the subject such as draw horses, other animals, nature or makeup a story regarding the horses closest ‘friends’.

Other one will be increasing our healthy skills as a family. We are planning to cook together, making salads, counting fruit and vegetable intake, and drinking more water. If we make it a competition to see who can be the healthiest – it makes it fun for the whole family!

If we start with a little step at a time, everyone will see the difference- planning family goals is always the first step.

Comments on: "Goals, Goals, Goals… Family Planning" (2)

  1. Downeychick said:

    Great ideas! Getting outside is always a goal of mine in the summer. Having a garden together is such a fun activity…planting, maintaining and then reaping the harvest. Of course, one goal might be a family vacation. Even if you decide to do a stay-cation, make it your goal to find something new to do in your hometown 🙂

  2. Tammy Wilson said:

    I loved this post what great ideas. Some others are nature walks, biking or swimming together. I think a fun way to finish up with a word exploration can be to do something grand at the end. Example if your word was horse go on a horse back ride. At our summer camp at day care we use a pharse or thyme and work around that. It could also be done as a family. Our first pharse is up up and away. Think of the possibilities.

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