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I am prepared for the BATTLE! My family has attempted and sometimes completed a No TV Challenge several times over the last three years that we have actually had cable television. There are lots of moans and groans for the first two days and then my two kids figure out that they have things they have forgotten about like…..

Bikes, Games, Books, Art Supplies, Pets, oh and those pesky adults in the house called PARENTS.

Really, it is amazing to me how my middle school son will be watching Spongebob when I leave the room and the next time I peak into the family room, there is some hot mess of a female on the scream holding a huge gun and killing a metal person/vehicle while screaming profanities. WHAT I scream- “mom its Megan Fox, relax” he says. “All my friends get to watch whatever they want and plus its only PG-13”. (I’m kinda stuck on the rating thing- PG-13 just means the absence of the F word- all else is fair game as demonstrated by Megan’s bodacious bod and use of weaponry while wearing a bikini)

I don’t like TV, I think it sends the wrong messages to our kids on so many levels, you have to be skinny, with perfect clothes, own the best cars and eat a ton of junk food (thinking of the commercial of the father and son standing in a beautiful wavy corn field taking about how high fructose corn syrup is natural and really good for you)  Plus, the kids in these shows talk so nasty to each other. Their dialogues are wrought with sarcasm and innuendo that children don’t understand. Oh, how I wish for the days when Dora the Explorer was the hero of our house. I loved her chubby little girl ways and mismatched clothes, her adventurous spirit and sweet Abula that gave wise advise.

I have hidden the remotes, unhinged the dish and I am ready for the fight! This week we are TV free, are you up for it?

Comments on: "The NO TV Challenge: Think YOU Can Handle It?" (7)

  1. We are doing this! We removed the TV physically from the living room and put it in our bedroom. There is still too much video gaming though. After observing the mood swings in all four of our children when they have contact with TV or gaming we decided that no tv may be just the answer we are looking for. We are moving to Rapid City this summer and have decided to leave the TV and it’s stand at my parents house, encase we decide that we were totally crazy … but I don’t think we will. I think we will read aloud more, play family games, hike, go for walks, get involved in community activities. I am seriously excited to see the results in a year from now.

  2. Julie said:

    Come on Ladies- I was hoping for us to all band together and accept this challenge 🙂

    We PROMISED the kids we would stick by it too, so my addiction to Criminal Minds will have to wait till next week!

    Last night we had a Lady Gaga dance party which turned into my hubby doing Michael Jackson karaoke- my 11 year old said afterward that he preferred TV even though he was a full participant in the fun.

    Tammy- I love all the hands on things you are doing in your daycare!

    I’ll keep you posted on the rest of the week-

  3. Tammy Wilson said:

    Great post Julie. I am lucky enough to be able to watch children play, learn, and use their imagination every day. We don’t watch T.V. in the daycare center I run. If young children are not exsposed to it they do not miss it. We do on occation watch a childs DVD like Dora or Deigo. Our after school children are probably a few in the whole country that know how to play jacks, stick ball and kick the can. We fly kites and plant a garden in the summer. We have reall fun. I wish you could challenge everyone in the country to go a week without T.V. even add electronics to that challenge.

  4. Jan Jones said:

    WOW are you brave! I think your idea is great, let me know how it goes. With just two people in the house, I do not like to play rodeo remote so I simply go in my room and read. I do however, tape my favorite shows if I am going to be gone. I sure can’t miss Dancing With the Stars!!

  5. Erin Swilling said:

    Good luck! While I do think we live in a nation that does indeed watch to much tv and therefore miss opportunities for family time, outdoor play, etc. I do also think there is a healthy balance that can be found. There is a lot of crummy tv out there (shout out to Jersey Shore right there!)but there is also some great and eductional shows too, for both adults and children.

  6. Downeychick said:

    In a word, NO! I am not up to it!! What, no Snookie or Vinny?? I admire you for accepting this challenge, and if I had children at home, I might consider it, but it’s just me, so I NEED the television. Just kidding, I know that I could probably survive, but it would be tough. I think you make some very valid points concerninig the influence television has on our society. Maybe someday I will give it up for a week and see what happens. I have a feeling that my DVR would just be very busy the next week. Good for you…..hope you make it!

  7. That’s a great idea. However, I’m not up to it. Of course, my daughter is three, and Dora and Kai Lan still are the heroes of our house. I’ll confess, sometimes the TV distraction for the child helps me to be able to do chores and such. But once she goes to preschool, everything will change, including our TV habits- since I will have more dedicated time to do chores and get things done.

    What about after the kiddos go to bed? Does the no TV challenge stay in place for mom and dad then as well?

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