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Natalie Pique- Casper Area PEN Outreach Parent Liaison

My ten year old son came home from school last Friday and said, “Mom, my friend Paisley is SO lucky! She is going to the Superbowl with her dad and his new wife!” I told him that she was very lucky indeed, and right out of nowhere, he asked if his dad & I ever got divorced, would either one of us marry someone else. This sparked a discussion about divorce, remarriage, and step-families. He commented that most of his friends have step-parents & siblings and that he had very few friends that have their “original” parents. I explained that families look different all over the world, and there is not a right or wrong way to have a family.

Growing up, our family experienced several divorces over the course of 18 years, which meant that I had several step-parents and step sisters. Although at times it was difficult, I learned to love all of those people and considered them my family. The one constant in my life was going to my dad’s house every weekend, which sparked my life-long love for sports (hockey & football especially!). When I was 13, he remarried and moved out of state and I dearly missed those weekends.

My husband & I have been married for 21 years, and our boy’s have never known any different than what they have experienced a “family” to be. I have talked before about my step parents & step sisters with them, but I hope that this discussion about different kinds of families made my son realize that all families are not the same, and that’s okay! Whether it is a single parent, grandparent, foster or step family, it is still a family…and that is what counts!

Comments on: "Different Family Constellations" (2)

  1. Ethelyn said:

    I am glad that you have fond memories of step-parents and sisters. My parents were married for over 50 years and my husband and I have been married for almost 30, so like your boys, I never experienced that kind of family. I think it’s great that you are discussing different types of families with your boys, the options are endless these days. Families are the most important things in our lives, so we need to be accepting, no matter what the circumstances are!

  2. Jan Jones said:

    Stepfamilies, Wow can they be a challenge at times!! I still have my kids, and he has his kids even after 30 years! I have always been the one to try to keep the unity together and sometimes it is very trying! I think the key is in making everything equal if possible. Both my husband and I feel that this has been the most difficult thing in out marriage! We always say we should write a book!

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