Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming State Parenting Center

Tammy Dexter- PEN Parent Educator- Riverton

As Parent as Teachers Parent Educator, I fret whether I am providing a positive influence on my families and whether I am making a difference in their lives.

Then, I recently reflected upon the positive influence that my families provide to me as an Educator. My families and their children provide a shining light during my work day.
It is so rewarding for me to go into their homes and be greeted by the children with hugs many questions and rummaging through my bag of goodies. The enthusiasm that they demonstrate for my being there and the new activities that they will be exploring is a positive reinforcement for me. 

My families provide me with the opportunity of coming into their homes and experience the growth of their children with them.  Parents are excited to show me what new things that their children have learned and can do, from previous visits.  They have opened up their hearts and home to me.

So, I don’t know if Parents as Teachers is making a positive influence and difference in their lives, but I do know that the families and children have in mine.

Comments on: "Parents as Teachers a Positive Resource" (3)

  1. Blanca Moye said:

    Yes! Is very nice to have the opportunity to share time with our families. Because in both sides is learning support plus the relationship between us and the families, I do not have words to expline. Love what we do!!

  2. Downeychick said:

    I often tell people I have the best job in the world! We have such a unique opporutnity to see children in the “natural” environment and get to bring new, exciting learning activities to them. I’m sure you are making a difference in their lives, that’s why they are excited to see you each visit!

  3. Erin Swilling said:

    I feel the same Tammy! What a joy and privelege it is to be welcomed into our families homes. To share with them the excitement of their children’s successes, etc. I am sure that you offer a tremendous amount of support and guidance throughout your journey with the families you visit with or you wouldn’t have parents and children who would welome you into their homes!

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