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This is the time of year that family stress is high for me. My kids constantly asking for every toy in the store or that they see on TV. The stores are continuously busy, still running kids to their events and the biggest stressor of all MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

With Christmas coming, it’s so overwhelming, how do I keep my sanity, my patience and my kids happy. I have found out that simply playing a few short games (Memory or Monopoly Jr) with my children is a great stress reliever for me and in addition my children are happy and content. I put off doing the dishes, the laundry and the things that will still be waiting for me when we are done. Most importantly I shut off the TV and the phones and take a half hour to an hour to sit and play a game with my family.

What are some activities that your family does to relieve holiday stress?

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  1. Blanca Moye said:


  2. This time of the year is always a busy & stressful time for our family. Between work, graduate school finals, and holiday parties, we are always on the go. My kids love to go to the health club and play raquetball or go swimming, so sometimes, no matter how busy we are, we drop everything and just go play with the kids. For those two hours, it is just fun, stress-free time for our family.

    We also set aside a day to bake for our friends & neighbors. We love to do this, everyone has a favorite recipe to make and then we give them as gifts.

  3. Janet Kinstetter said:

    My family chose this year to keep Christmas very simple. We have set up our four nativity sets in place of a tree. We have some family quiet time in the evenings where we sit quietly and just be. We can do what we want with that time. Read, pray think just all in silence with each other and remembering the “reason for the season”.

  4. Tammy I LOVE your 12 Days of Christmas idea- I am going to start that!! About four years ago I started to notice that my children’s focus at Christmas time had become something I hated- WANT WANT WANT. We changed things up that year and started to Spin the Globe at Christmas- every year one of the kids spins the globe and whatever country is landed on becomes the focus of our holiday. We make a special ethnic meal, play games from that place and make ornaments with a cultural flair. So far we have “visited” Korea, Germany, Boliva and this year is Auatralia. (Last year we ended up eating left over soup because the kimchi was awful!) The kids are old enough to research on their own which makes it exta fun! ~Julie

  5. Ethelyn said:

    I always liked to do some baking with the children and then give the items to friends and neighbors. This helps gets the kids away from the TV and all of the hype and shift their focus towards others. Great thoughts to make this time of year fun, not stressful!

  6. Parent2 said:

    Tammy, I am going to steal your idea.

  7. Tammy Wilson said:

    I like the idea of spending fun time with family for the Holidays. This time of year should be focused on family and friends and not having to feel obligated to do all the running around and exspecting everything to be perfect. I do something really fun with my grandkids. On Dec. 13th thru Christmas Eve. I leave a message and trinket on there poarch in a bag. For the twelve days before Christmas. I use to do the same thing for my children when they were small. I would leave the message and little item under their pillow. Just another fun thing to do for the small wonders in our lives.

    • Jan Jones said:

      I am always done with Christmas Shopping by November 1.I keep a list in the kitchen cupboard and as everyone in my family mentions “Oh I would love to have that” I write it down. I buy throughout the year and that saves the stress during Christmas. Everyone knows that is my secret, and I often hear, “I bet you already have my present, huh”. I also think it saves money as I have all year to look for the gifts. This year all the teen-agers are getting head phones, and a gift card! Jan

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