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Betty Carmon- Parent to Parent Coordinator- Powell Region

Most of my childhood was spent in Europe as my father was in the military, one of the greatest memories I will always cherish were the holidays in school, it was the only place that always depicted my home land the USA, so for me those celebrations always kept me grounded to American traditions and the pride in my country. What were the celebrations like while you were growing up? Did your parents engage in school run activities assisting with field trips, bringing various cultural materials to your class? What about your own children- do you join in on the events or topics covered leading up to the holidays? Would you prefer that the school didn’t have holiday themed activities or do you think we have gone too far in not allowing some things? For example, how many schools still do a Thanksgiving play/ celebration? If your school was contemplating doing one would you have any objections? Betty

Comments on: "Holiday Celebrations in School" (9)

  1. Blanca Moye said:

    For my family and for my self came to a new country been one of the more rich experience for us. We have the pportunity to learn and enjoy the traditions and celebrations of this country and a same time we can share ours. Leaving here for almost 11 years gave to me the oportunity to learn about USA storie, meet wonderful pepole and become a citizen make me feel so proud of this country and part of it.

  2. Tammy Wilson said:

    I have always loved the Holidays. When I was a child I loved Christmas programs, homemade holiday decorations, and sending cards to people in the military. We always done these things in school.
    I was raised in an Italian, Irish home alot of culture was brought into our dinners and celebrations. I didn’t realize that not everyone had egg plant parmesan along with the turkey and ham until I was an adult.

  3. Michele said:

    I have always enjoyed our family traditions with celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now with being away from family its also nice to start our own traditions here in Wyoming.

  4. Juanita Bybee said:

    I loved all of the parties at school. When I went to school, we did not get days off for planning days. The days that we had parties were the only days that we got to have “fun” in school (not to say school was not fun). My mother never got to attend the parties and she did not give us a lot of desserts or sugar so those days that we got to do arts, crafts, and eat sugar were the best memories for me.

  5. I always lived in a small town as a child and the holiday parties were great! My grandchildren no longer have holiday parties in the classroom as too many parents work and volunteers are hard to find. They really miss out on the fun!

  6. Downeychick said:

    I think holiday parties/celebrations/plays are such an integral part of school! What a great opportunity to get parents into the classroom to become familiar with the teacher and other students. Many parents don’t have the time or desire to volunteer in the classroom, but are willing to help with a party. When I taught school, there were some parents that did object to certain celebrations, and they chose to just keep their children home that day, which is a great solution. As the ladies before me have stated, I have such fond memories of my mom helping with parties, plays, etc. and I did help with my children’s school activities, so hopefully they will have fond memories, as well.

  7. Stephanie Harris said:

    I’m with you…I always loved the holiday parties. I always felt sooo cool because MY mom would come in to do a special activity with my class–I think the parties can be good opportunities to get parents into the schools. Plus, my teachers always geared our assignments and projects toward the holiday celebrations, which made learning exciting!

  8. Parent2 said:

    I always like to go up to the school and help with the parties. They can be messy, but the kids have a good time. The only thing I don’t like about school holiday parties is the amount of sugar the kids eat. Cookies, candy, cupcakes, soda on and on. It’s disgusting.

  9. Janet Kinstetter said:

    Two of my favorite celebrations in school were the all school Christmas program. All grades 1-6 participated with one or two songs for each grade. It was so fun dressing up for the Christmas holiday and singing the Christmas songs.

    My other favorite celebration in school was Valentine’s Day. I always chose to help with the Valentine’s Day party at school because my mom always made heart shaped sugar cookies with all the children’s name on them! What fun to hand out the cookies to all the kids. What precious memories!

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