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Tumblon Rocks!

I do believe that I am now in love with Tumblon, I know it started out as a coy affair- slight glances, followed by extended stays, and then I struck gold. – Ironically this may be my most lasting relationship to dateDon’t judge me!

What is it you ask? Well…

Tumblon gives you customized developmental information about your child in a social forum. Think of it as a parent driven social media platform that lets you interact with clinically established developmental milestones. Record milestones as they occur, find recommended resources to nurture your child, discuss strategies with other parents, add stories and photos to the milestone, and safely share progress with friends and family. No more photo bucket, flikr, Facebook updates, and email blasts for sharing of the same information with family members- just one site with all the information ready to be viewed by your loving gram gram and her fifty or so ‘closest’ friends.

I love the site simply for its simplicity, sharing of information (even though I have no children), and its social aspect. I also hate having to sift through my friends photos on various sites and then go read their email blasts just to know how their little ankle biter is doing. (Can you believe I am an aunt and a godmother? I often ask myself what my so-called friends were thinking. But, I digress…)

Check out the site, see what you think and then add me as a friend so that I may see your precious ankle biter!



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