Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming State Parenting Center

So Washington State has drafted a 10-year Early Learning Plan to create an early care and education system giving all children a great start in life. They’ve determined it’s best to invest now in coordinated and high-quality early care and education programs and reap big savings down the road.

And a new study of Michigan’s early learning programs shows preschool saves Michigan taxpayers about $1.15 billion annually. Officials there agree: any strategy to enhance long-term growth must include strengthening the up-and-coming workforce.

And James Heckman, a Nobel Laureate economist, told a group of business leaders, “Early interventions have much higher economic returns than later interventions such as reduced pupil-teacher ratios, public job training, convict rehabilitation programs, adult literacy programs…remediation is a very costly strategy compared to prevention.”

Even President Barack Obama has proposed a 7.6% increase in U.S. education spending to help American workers compete in a “global economy.”

Where is Wyoming at? What are we doing as a group to ensure our children’s education is on par with other states? Curious- why not contact your local Outreach Parent Liaison of the Parent Education Network.



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