Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming State Parenting Center

Terri Dawson- PHP of WY, Inc. Executive Director

It’s time to head home for the holidays, and before I leave the office, I wanted to reflect on the last year. This has been a year of growth for Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming, Inc and for me.  Some areas of growth for us have been in the realm of technology and social networking….and I have to tell you- my co-workers have dragged me into it kicking and screaming!   It is not an area where I jump in easily, yet here we are! It has been a year since we began this blog, and all of the staff of PHP have had a part in it and had the opportunity to express their views of different topics that relate to families, child growth and development, disabilities and family engagement.   Providing me the opportunity to see them voice their views in this type of medium has been worth my anxiety, and having others respond to their blogs has been an interesting and fun experience. We believe strongly in allowing families to have a voice, and we are learning how to use different types of technology and medium to do so in a way that is convenient and accessible for all families.

We have also begun to use technology for connecting our outreach staff across the state for staff meetings, whether they live in Jackson, Rock Springs or Cheyenne.  This next year we will be providing webinars on a variety of topics, such as family engagement, special education law and how to partner in IEP’s, and other specific disability issues such as autism and learning disabilities. This way, families can be provided with new ideas and strategies to support their children and increase their involvement with schools, without having to leave their homes to do so.  We are very excited to begin these webinars, so stay tuned to our websites for the schedule!

All in all, this year I have come to recognize that these new ways to communicate are a good thing. Therefore,  in the new year I am now going to try to embrace new, innovative ideas from my younger more tech-savvy co-workers without making them work so hard to convince me to do so!


Comments on: "PHP of WY, Inc. Year in Review" (2)

  1. Beth Robertson said:

    Good post Terri. I commend you for figuring out how to create a blog.I too am new to social networking .Facebook? Blogs? Enjoy the new look of PIC and PEN as well. Check out Wyoming Institute for Disabilities(WIND) Resource Library on Facebook and please become a fan!

  2. Tammy Wilson said:

    Good post Terri your not the only one going kicking and screaming? I have deemed myself a tecnology illiterate. You Youngsters be patient with us!

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