Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming State Parenting Center

Krista Sweckard, Outreach Coordinator

Although my initial thought of a post was to sum up the year Redneck style, paying tribute to the great Jeff  Foxworthy’s 12 Days of Redneck Christmas…. I’m going to be serious, and finish up this year of blogging with a moment of reflection for what PEN has accomplished. I’m having a hard time getting the tune out of my head….so, I think it would be better to let the words of those who we have worked with do the talking.

from administrators:

Our PEN activities were very family centered. Our back to school night in August made it possible for parents to go to their child’s classroom orientation while their children were engaged in activities outside. They loved it! All activities were for the entire family and our parent council always provided resources and information for everyone who attended. Our school is a more welcoming place because of these activities and we have seen a big increase in our at-risk families attendance at the activities.

PEN is a wonderful resource for Wyoming parents. They provide a little financial incentive to cover the cost of parent involvement actvities and it works great for our parents!

We have seen more parents in our school learning about state standards and the PEN network.

from parents:

The techniques I learned at the meeting helped me with strategies to help him learn spelling words and math facts.

Our son is in Kindergarten. After the presentation, we started focusing on the last few minutes before bedtime and working on number and letter skills. Though we don’t have a lot of electronic entertainment at home anyway, we are more aware of how videos and computer games can effect him right before bed.

I ask the boys about their quick 5 minute strategies we should be going over each night before bed. Tonight the 5th grader had the different states that were part of each of the early settlements of the colonies.

2009 has been a wonderful year for PEN! We have seen many of our staff change, many of the schools welcome us, and even more families engaged in learning with their children. It has been a year of growth, movement and excitement. And some parts to a Mustang GT……….


Comments on: "12 Months of PEN….." (1)

  1. Tammy Wilson said:

    Great idea to have a comment from a parent. It truly does make you feel like you are accomplishing what we all set out to do. Help parents and kids

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