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Early Ed Watch’s Lisa Guernsey makes some timely and critical remarks on Secretary Duncan’s address to NAEYC which really hit the bulls-eye for those us thinking about statewide early childhood systems and what ‘outcomes’ really mean in the field. Duncan highlighted some of the challenges faced as well as his resolve to work more with Health and Human Services (where head start programs reside) than his predecessors. The importance of ‘follow through’ and ‘raising the bar’ were cornerstones of his address. He did tie everything back to needing a more holistic system of education as even the best comprehensive early childhood system is not as useful if the child enters a lower performing elementary school; therefore the focus needs to be one that aims to educate the whole child socially, emotionally, and developmentally.

Hey – know what does all of those and engages parents at the same time your local Parents as Teachers™ Programs- so why not enroll today for free services.

For the rest of Ms. Guernsey’s take on Duncan’s address visit: Early Ed Watch: Duncan’s address

UPDATE 11/19 1:35 PM: The full text of Duncan’s remarks is now available on the Ed Dept web site, and J.M. Holland over at Inside Pre-K has posted an audio recording.


Comments on: "Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Should Aim to Educate the ‘Whole’ Child" (3)

  1. Tammy Wilson said:

    Good post. Being a preschool teacher I couldn’t agree more. I wish the public school system would encourage parent paticipation more. They are the first teachers.

  2. Blanca Moye said:

    Parents get the support from PAT and they can be with children teaching them and getting great information for family

  3. Jennifer said:

    Great post. Parents are the first teachers and the ones with the most influence in the long run. The Parents as Teachers Program is a great start to a long, hard, but rewarding job – parenting.

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