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Blanca Moye- Parents as Teachers Parent Educator- Jackson Area

Winter is here and as Parents often times it is difficult to figure out what to do with the little buggers during the cold months. It is not as simple as the summer when we can get outside and enjoy long days of nice weather. We need something to tire them out appropriately before coming home in the evenings so we can enjoy our quality time without temper tantrums.

Therefore, from one parent to another, some activities to enjoy with your children include:

If at home try:

• Family game night- a healthy dose of competition never hurt anyone and this way it’s not just the siblings arguing.

• Family baking gets a bad reputation as a messy endeavor but when it’s cold outside there is nothing like having the kids decorate cookies until they can’t see straight. The best part is to drop off the home baked goods at school to share the sugar rush with others- it is the season of sharing- and I believe that the teacher is in desperate need to know what kids hopped up on sugar is like at least once this season.

• Making puzzles is also another good standby as kids love cutting up things with scissors whenever possible.

• Create Holiday crafts, save time and money by allowing your young child to make a wonderful card for others. Grandmothers and anyone with kids usually eat this stuff up and feel oh so much more appreciated afterwards.

If it’s nice enough outside:

• Let your kids play in the snow, I mean king of the mountain will teach them worthwhile skills that will follow them into the future- and if that’s not a winner I don’t know what is.

• Try ski lessons- as then its someone else’s responsibility to stay outside with your kids to make sure they don’t break a bone while you sip cocoa in the lodge catching up on a great book.

• Snow Shoeing as a family is also an option as it will get everyone out of the house- just think of all that cardio as the chance to eat a treat every now and again.

• Take the kids to different museums, it’s very important to show them the beauty of local places and often times they are relatively cheap.

• Take the kids to a movie it’s always fun!

And the last but not least sharing a book with your child is one activity that never goes out of style!


Comments on: "Oh No, it’s Snowing! Now What am I Supposed to Do With My Child?" (2)

  1. Jennifer said:

    Good point about sending the kids outside. The snow is no excuse for kids being indoors all of the time. It is a great opportunity for snow forts, snow people, sledding, hot chocolate, and so on.

    I found some really great, inexpensive make-your own puzzles at Oriental Trading Co. and ordered 24. They are magnetic, and now my neighbors and I have them all over our refrigerators. They are great for occupying time stranded in the house.

  2. Tammy Wilson said:

    Great ideas. I am going to make parent hand outs for my childcare center with some of these ideas on them. A little reminder of how important family time is. Thanks

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