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Tammy Dexter- PEN Parent Educator- Riverton

Tammy Dexter- PEN Parent Educator- Riverton

Reading to your baby/child is so important for development. It has positive influence on intellectual and emotional development.

Reading during pregnancy assists with parent/child bonding and provides a sense of comfort to the unborn child.  It fosters voice recognition and early listening skills.

While reading to infants and children, you are providing beginning early education.  Reading helps children learn to listen, build a stronger attention span and understanding of the spoken language.

Books provide a variety of exposures to concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, pictures, and wonders for children of all ages.   It provides fun information about the world around them.

The more that you read to your child the more you are increasing their ability to talk and read. You are nurturing their social and emotional development and promoting their thinking skills.

Not only is reading educational but it is fun, exciting and provides opportunities of exploration, imagination and fantasy.

So have fun reading to your children, it will pay off in the long run!


Comments on: "Reading to Your Children Really is Imperative!" (5)

  1. Blanca Moye said:

    Early reading is great for babies but also helps families to create a nice rutine. Kids loves to be with parents doing different activities and hearing stories.

  2. LiEnisa said:

    I am also glad Tammy included the importance prenatal reading. It is often soothing to an unborn baby to hear the gentle rythm of the mother’s (or father’s) voice. And later when the infant is fussy hearing those same rythmic words can help soothe them.

  3. Samantha said:

    I love reading to my daughter at night before bed. I have a feeling we will do this long after she knows how to read well for herself.

  4. Tammy Wilson said:

    Being an early childhood educator I see every day just how important reading to children is. I appreciate that the writer put in the importantce of reading to children in the womb. Great Blog.

  5. Jennifer said:

    Early reading is so important. Most libraries in this area have a reading program for kids 3 – 5, and this really gets the kids motivated to pick out some good books and listen. For older kids, you can encourage reading by sending them well written e-mails and having them e-mail family members. Great ideas, Tammy. Keep up the good work.

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