Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming State Parenting Center

Michele Pena- PIC Outreach Parent Liaison- Casper Area

Michele Pena- PIC Outreach Parent Liaison- Casper Area

As the parent of a sixteen year old son with Cornelia deLange Syndrome, thinking about his future is something I do often.

As parents one of our goals is to have our children grow up, get jobs and be independent where they are able to do things once provided for them.  It is a proud parent accomplishment to see your son or daughter taking care of themselves.  When we think about our children with special needs the goals are not any different.  Our expectations should not be any less because of their disabilities.  There are so many options now days with assisted living centers.  These centers provide programs and services that are suited for each individual’s needs.  Gathering information and researching is the best way to get started in deciding which supportive living community would be ideal for your young adult.  Assisted living facilities gives our young adults the help and hope to have a chance at being independent while still being supervised and assisted with daily living activities and that is a great feeling for our children to have.

I know from personal experience that when given the chance to do things on his own, my son is the happiest.


Comments on: "One Story of Assisted Living Centers for Children with Disabilities" (3)

  1. Michelle fernino said:

    I’m looking for a place for my daughter whose going to be 5 years old next month she has ODD very bad an she’s escalating with bad outbursts an hurting me that I don’t know what to do can u please help

  2. Jennifer said:

    We all look forward to our children’s becoming young adults, as much as our children look forward to this themselves. Having a disability should be no barrier to striving for independence. My family has also found assisted living facilities to be a great option for members who might struggle, but still value their freedom and choices as much as anyone else.

  3. Blanca Moye said:

    I really like your story, It is very important to know about those centers and the services they provide.

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