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Lisa Heimer- PEN Outreach Parent Liaison- Cody Region

Lisa Heimer- PEN Outreach Parent Liaison- Cody Region

I work with parents, teachers, and principals in Wyoming schools to increase their Title I parent involvement efforts and move toward a model of true parent engagement.  The Parent Education Network helps get things going in schools that need that extra nudge.  We are here to lend a hand when teachers and parent groups want to know more about successful and effective practices.  Most parents and teachers tell me that they know parent involvement is important.  They really want parents to be involved but it just doesn’t happen all by itself.  The most common complaint is always that the school tried “those things” and no one showed up.  So there lies the problem.  The answer for schools could be to start with the research.

Schools now are tuned in to using methods and curriculum that are research based, so it makes sense to also use a research based approach to find programs that work with families of our students.  Some of the best information about the current research on parent engagement is available free on the web!  Here are some recommendations on where to start looking:

  1. The Department of Ed website is a wonderful resource.  A great booklet with the research on the effect of teaching parents how to read with their children is called The Effect Of Family Literacy Interventions On Children’s Acquisition Of Reading: From Kindergarten To Grade 3 .  You can get a free copy from Ed Pubs or you can read it online at
  2. SEDL (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory) has posted literature reviews and research syntheses on topics including family and community connections, parental involvement in schools, and school readiness at <;. The synthesis of parent involvement research is called A New Wave of Evidence.
  3. For great information on how to incorporate parent involvement in Title I schools, SEDL  also has A Toolkit for Title I Parental Involvement available on the website .
  4. Also check out the books listed in our April blog, In Search of that Great Resource on Partnership <insert link>.  If you are in Wyoming, you can borrow books from our lending library.  Email us!

So do your summer reading, and next fall we will all be ready to move toward Family School Partnerships that really work wonders in our local schools.  Also let me know what resources and research on the web that you have found helpful.


Comments on: "Where is the Research on the Importance of ‘Parent Involvement in Schools’?" (3)

  1. Jennifer said:

    These are both good resources. My child attends a school that receives title 1 funds, and we struggle with parent involvement, but we are working on it. We recently had a Math Night at our school and it was a great success.

  2. Nice Lisa!
    This makes me thankful that I had a parent that helped me develop a love for books and cared enough to check to make sure my homework was done.

  3. Blanca Moye said:

    I think is very important to encourage parents to be involve in children education and I’m very thenkful for the nformation in this blog

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