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Betty Carmon- Parent to Parent Coordinator
Betty Carmon- Parent to Parent Coordinator

Hey everybody, I know the time has almost past for the IEP season and summer is upon us, but now is the time to be thinking about your next IEP or just meeting to improve the IEP, here are a few tips that I practice always:

  1. As your with your kids this summer take the opportunity to observe your kids doing anything that they do, start a journal and keep it close, write down all the wonderful things your child is doing and not so wonderful. I think when a parent goes to an IEP meeting they don’t feel armed enough to participate, your journal will do just that.
  2. Keeping in touch with past, present and future teachers that you have built relationships with, email them fun and interesting things, maybe a photo of your vacation.
  3. Always remember you know your child best, you are his first and last teacher, you model the way you want your children to behave and learn, share that information with all teachers and providers.

We all know there is so much more to an IEP then these 3 tips, but these 3 tips will get you started in the right and positive direction, believe me I have been to more IEP meeting in the last 20 years for families all across the state of Wyoming and these tips are the corner stone.

The Parent Information Center has Outreach Parent liaison all across this state that can help with any IEP questions that you might have, we have great resources to help walk you though a great IEP.



Comments on: "How to Have a Successful IEP: Tips and Practices" (6)

  1. Jennifer said:

    Great advice, Betty. It is so much easier to solve issues that come up with our children when you have a prior relationship with the teacher. Thanks for new ideas from “outside the box”.

  2. Blanca Moye said:

    Thank you Betty for your tips, always is very nice to learn important subjects from you guys!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Betty and Anita,
    You both have great ideas and I enjoyed reading about what you have seen work well for families. It is so wonderful that parents in Wyoming have PIC to help them through an IEP if they need someone by their side. Keep it up!

  4. I agree Janet, and from what I have noticed, there is a school agenda on exactly how long this IEP will last, and the order ‘we’ will go in. A parent’s biggest concern might be behavior accomodations so they address that first thing at the meeting, to which they are met with a “We will get to that.” Which does seem to make the parents a bit irritated at being put off like that. Instead of immediately darting straight to ‘adversarial’ I suggest, “Is there anything in this IEP that could be addressed a few minutes later because Mr and Mrs Soandso would really like to get to the behavior part of the IEP while all this information is fresh in their minds.” I haven’t been to an IEP yet were the facilitators of the IEP weren’t willing to change direction for the benefit of the parents unless previous information in the IEP was crucial to amending later concerns. I think that is really helpful to parents, to get out what they want to say first thing, and then later realize that the IEP is going smoothly and lighten up a little bit. They seem more considerate of reasonable solutions if they can get what’s on their minds, off (respectfully, of course), first thing. I don’t encourage it, of course, I have just noticed that things start going more smoothly.

  5. Alot of parents become nervous at their son’s or daughter’s IEP meeting and forget what they want for their child. I always encourage parents to make an agenda and write down in an outline form what their child’s strengths are and how to incorporate those strengths into their child’s IEP.

  6. I think these are very useful tips, thanks!

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