Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming State Parenting Center

P2P-WY (Parent to Parent of Wyoming) is a network of volunteer parents that have children with disabilities that want to be a part of a bigger picture, they want to learn from other parents that may be going though the same issues that they are, as well as sharing their own experience’s, we all need to feel that we are not alone on this journey and there is someone that will understand and support us.

Betty Carmon- Parent to Parent Coordinator

Betty Carmon- Parent to Parent Coordinator

I just wanted to bring your attention a wonderful way that parents can connect with other parents, we are such a rural state and that makes it hard to have personal relationships with others that are in the same boat as we are, so P2P was born.

We have a variety of ways to “spread the word”.

·         1 on 1 contact matched according to your needs.

·         Email distribution on what is happening in our state.

·         The latest in educational and disability issues.

·          Questions and answers from parents.

·          Support from the Parent Information Center

·          Support from P2P national


We are always looking for ideas to better support families; does anyone have some to share?



Comments on: "What is the Parent-to-Parent (P2P) Network?" (10)

  1. Crissy said:

    It’s always nice to know that there is something out there that we can direct our parents towards if they have questions or just need someone to talk to that is dealing with the same issues. I appreciate the info since we don’t have a PIC person in riverton as of yet and if someone is seeking help i have somewhere to direct them. Thanks!

  2. Betty said:

    I f anyone would like to be a part of P2P-WY just send me an email ( and I will send you the application and we will go from there. If you have any questions about P2P again send me an email and I will be glad to visit with you. Thanks for all of your comments and ideas.

  3. Betty,
    Yanno, I was thinking of this one website that I am a member of where all these OUT OF THIS WORLD bakers get together and share recipes, share ideas, I guess it would be a ‘blog’ of sorts. Anyway, I was wondering if that might be fun for your group, P2P. For example, it goes something like this;
    -Help! I added sunflower seeds to my Honey Wheat bread mix and it didn’t rise at all! Anyone have any ideas? ~ Flat in Cheyenne.
    Dear Flat;
    – It doesn’t sound like it was the sunflower seeds, it sounds like your water was to hot for your yeast or your yeast is old. Try it again with just warm water and fresh yeast. ~ G. Ramsey

    I don’t know what this style of ‘chat’ is called, but you can reply directly to THAT person’s comment and it appears as instantly as email. That way people can follow the train of thought, which in this case would be – old yeast. Another train in our situation might be; What is the best sunscreen for my sun who has Autism, but is a water baby and HATES having anything rubbed on him? Then someone (or several) people could respond directly to that. Just an idea. What do you think?

  4. Samantha said:

    Thanks, I didn’t know about P2P. Sounds great! Having support like this and other programs helps parents so much.

  5. In such a rural enviroment it is great to have a network to refer to and ask questions. I also like the fact that someone else shares the ups and downs of being a SPECIAL parent with our own SPECIAL needs and SPECIAL abilities!

  6. Blanca Moye said:

    HI Betty
    Thank you very much for your hard work and the information about P2P.
    I wonder if you have some information in spanish for families here in Jackson, if you don’t, I will glad to translate it.

  7. Hi Betty,
    I am happy to hear about statewide parent networking in Wyoming. If parents want to get involved with the email list how should they sign up?

  8. I love this “program” and what it means to all parents out there. Not only for the terrific source of information, but for the sense of community and connection that it fosters within each other. Keep it up Betty in all you do, you are truly an inspiration to others!!!

  9. LiEnisa said:

    When we were trying to get a diagnosis for my step-son I WISH there would have been something like this for us! We had such a hard time getting the doctors to understand and listen to us and had we had other parents to talk to maybe it would have bene easier to navigate the sytem! In 2000 Aspberger’s was still rare and doctors were reluctant to diagnose. Plus the issues we were having at school were escalating and we were overwhelmed and lost. Now I enjoy sharing the journey we went on and the path we continue to venture down. When people get a chance to share their stories and experiences the whole family benefits. Everyone brings a new perspective that deserves to be shared. Great work, Betty!

  10. Betty,
    This was/is a great idea. I remember when Spencer was first diagnosed and how there was NO ONE out there to talk to – and then I found a ‘list-serv’. Suddenly parents from all over the world were talking to each other, sharing recipes, sharing ideas, even shipping food to each other. It made it a much more comforting world and much smaller. I still keep in touch with those folks and we watch our kids grow up together……..all via the Internet!

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